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Unlock Adventure: Exploring Omaha's Cultural Gems with Omaha Public Library Partnership Passes

Updated: Apr 21

Did you know that your Omaha Public Library card is more than just a gateway to a world of books? It's also a golden ticket to some of the best cultural and educational experiences in the Omaha area! Don't overlook the Library Partnership Passes – they're your passport to Fontenelle Forest, Heartland Bike Share, Lauritzen Gardens, Omaha's Children Museum, The Durham Museum, and even the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum. Here's your comprehensive guide on how to maximize these passes for a winter full of exploration and learning.

How It Works: Unlocking Adventure with Omaha Public Library Partnership Passes Using your library barcode and PIN, reserving passes online is a breeze at Once reserved, simply print the confirmation and ticket (free of charge at any OPL location), or opt to have it sent directly to your email. On the day of your visit, present the pass (printed or on your mobile device) alongside your library card for access to these incredible cultural institutions.

1. Fontenelle Forest: A Winter Wonderland for the Family

Fontenelle Forest, founded in 1913, offers a serene escape for nature enthusiasts. Bundle up and embark on a winter stroll along the boardwalk while observing the local birdlife. Then, warm up indoors with the basement's interactive exhibits, a paradise for young explorers. It's an affordable family activity filled with nature and education, all made possible with your Omaha Public Library Partnership Pass.

Kids Indoor Nature based play area at Fontenelle Forest

2. Heartland Bike Share: Pedal into Adventure

When the weather permits, the Heartland Bike Share pass unlocks unlimited bicycle trips (each lasting 60 minutes or less) within a 24-hour period. Redeem your pass through the BCycle app for an eco-friendly and economical way to explore the city. Enjoy affordable family adventures on two wheels, courtesy of your Omaha Public Library Partnership Pass.

3. Lauritzen Gardens: A Botanical Oasis for All Ages

Lauritzen Gardens, the Omaha Botanical Center, serves as a living museum for plant enthusiasts of all ages. During the winter months, immerse yourself in the indoor exhibit, savor a cup of coffee, and explore the various activities, games, and books available for children. It's the perfect family-friendly spot in Omaha, made accessible with your Omaha Public Library Partnership Pass.

Walking through Lauritzen Gardens

4. Omaha's Children Museum: Where Play Meets Learning

Since 1976, the Omaha Children's Museum has been a hub of interactive learning for young minds. Spend a day engaged in play, discovery, and hands-on exhibits that both challenge and educate. Explore Omaha's attractions for children while creating cherished memories with your family, all thanks to your Omaha Public Library Partnership Pass.

Playing with trains at the Omaha Children's Museum

5. The Durham Museum: A Journey Through History

Housed within Union Station, The Durham Museum offers a fascinating exploration of the region's history. Let your children revel in the joy of playing with large Lincoln Logs and Magnitiles while exploring the museum's play area. It's a journey through history that the whole family can enjoy, made possible by your Omaha Public Library Partnership Pass.

Trains at the Durham Museum

6. Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum: Gateway to the Stars

At the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum, embark on a voyage beyond aviation history. Ignite curiosity and passion with interactive exhibits showcasing the relentless pursuit of knowledge and space exploration. Plan your visit at and experience a futuristic vision that captivates both young and adult minds alike. Don't miss out on this unique cultural and educational opportunity with your Omaha Public Library Partnership Pass!

SAC Museum

Don't let winter pass you by without taking advantage of these incredible opportunities to explore and learn with your Omaha Public Library card. Each pass has its own unique terms, so be sure to review the details before embarking on your adventure. Winter is the perfect time to discover Omaha's cultural gems with your family, all thanks to your library card! Plan a budget-friendly family activity today and let the adventures begin!

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