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Omaha Public Libraries Winter Adventures: Explore and Discover

Updated: Apr 30

As winter descends and the chilly winds sweep across Omaha, parents search for indoor activities to keep their little ones entertained and warm. Fortunately, Omaha's public libraries emerge as havens of delight for children, offering not only shelter from the cold but also a plethora of engaging experiences. Best of all, these winter wonderlands are free to explore, making them perfect destinations for families seeking affordable entertainment during the colder months. Let's embark on a curated journey through the best Omaha Public Libraries, ensuring memorable winter adventures for your little bookworms.

1. A.V. Sorenson Library Branch: Cozy Delights for Families

Nestled in the heart of the Dundee neighborhood, the A.V. Sorenson Library Branch stands as a cozy retreat for families seeking respite from the winter chill. Step inside and immerse your little ones in a world of books and play, where warmth and entertainment abound. The library's highlight is undoubtedly its charming wood kitchen, inviting children to engage in imaginative play. With story time seating crafted from little logs and a table adorned with puzzles and blocks, this corner promises endless fun for the whole family. Experience the perfect blend of education and enjoyment in Dundee's family-friendly library, where admission is always free and all are welcome to partake in the winter festivities.

A.V. Sorenson Library Branch Kids Area

2. Benson Library Branch: A Visual Treat for Young Explorers

The Benson Library Branch transcends its status as a mere library, transforming into a visual delight for visitors of all ages. Adorned with rustic wooden ceiling beams, this library exudes warmth and charm, creating an inviting atmosphere for winter adventures. The kids' corner is a paradise for young explorers, featuring a captivating train table, a puppet show corner, and an array of toys to captivate curious minds. Dive into the world of books surrounded by the enchanting ambiance of this visually appealing library, where free family fun awaits in every corner.

Childrens are at Omaha Public Library Benson Branch

3. Downtown Library Branch: Remodeled Wonderland for Families

Recently remodeled, the Downtown Library Branch welcomes families with open arms and plenty of space for exploration. Children can indulge in two main play areas, one brimming with small toys like dinosaurs and the other dedicated to tables for Magnitiles and other STEM toys. Discover cozy reading nooks and crannies that transform story time into an enchanting experience for both parents and children alike. Delve into the wonders of this remodeled library, offering free educational fun for families in downtown Omaha amidst the winter season.

Downtown Library Branch Omaha

4. South Omaha Branch: Adventure and Containment for Imaginative Minds I

For the adventurous and imaginative souls, the South Omaha Branch provides an oasis of entertainment and containment. Step into an enclosed room filled with developmental toys, from transforming letters into robots to classic tinker toys that ignite creativity. It's the ultimate playroom for little explorers with big imaginations. Experience the thrill of adventure and containment in the South Omaha Branch, where free play reigns supreme and possibilities abound for winter adventures.

South Omaha Public Library

As snowflakes gently cascade outside, Omaha's public libraries invite families to embark on unforgettable winter adventures. Explore these havens of warmth and entertainment, where the laughter of children echoes through the halls and the joy of discovery awaits around every corner. Discover Omaha's free winter wonderlands for family-friendly fun, and make lasting memories amidst the pages of a good book and the boundless imagination of your little ones.


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