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13 Winter Activities in Omaha to do with your Toddler

Updated: Apr 21

As the chill of winter settles in, it's the perfect time to embark on exciting adventures with your little one in Omaha. From cozy indoor activities to exhilarating outings, there's no shortage of fun to be had. Here's a curated list of 13 must-do winter activities to add to your bucket list with your toddler:

1. Omaha Public Libraries: Explore the vast collection of books and enjoy storytime sessions at various branches of the Omaha Public Libraries.

Omaha Public Library

2. Durham Museum: Immerse yourselves in history and culture at the Durham Museum, where interactive exhibits and educational displays await.

Durham Museum

3. Union Pacific Railroad Museum: All aboard for a journey through railroad history at the Union Pacific Railroad Museum, featuring kid-friendly exhibits and activities.

Union Pacific Railroad Museum

4. Indoor Exhibits at Henry Doorly Zoo: Beat the winter chill by exploring the indoor exhibits at the Henry Doorly Zoo, home to fascinating wildlife from around the world.

Henry Doorly Zoo

5. SAC Museum: Embark on a space exploration adventure at the SAC Museum, where toddlers can marvel at aircraft and learn about aviation history.

SAC Museum

6. Indoor Gardens at Lauritzen Gardens: Step into a world of botanical beauty at Lauritzen Gardens' indoor conservatory, where tropical plants and colorful blooms abound.

Lauritzen Gardens

7. Children's Museum: Spark your toddler's imagination at the Children's Museum, where hands-on exhibits and interactive play areas await discovery.

Children's Museum

8. Chirpy's Play Cafe: Let your little one burn off energy at Chirpy's Play Cafe, a dynamic indoor play space featuring climbing structures, slides, and more.

Chirpy's Play Cafe

9. Go Kids Gym: Encourage active play and physical development at Go Kids Gym, offering fun-filled classes and open gym sessions for toddlers.

Go Kids Gym

10. Schramm Education Center: Dive into nature and wildlife at the Schramm Education Center, where educational programs and nature walks provide enriching experiences.

Schramm Education Center

11. We Rock the Spectrum: Enjoy sensory-friendly play at We Rock the Spectrum, a gym designed to accommodate children of all abilities.

We Rock the Spectrum

12. Kids Cave Play Cafe: Venture to Kids Cave Play Cafe for a day of adventure, with trampolines, rock climbing walls, and other exciting attractions for toddlers.

Kids Cave Play Cafe

13. Kids Plays at Oakview Mall: Take a break from shopping and let your toddler explore the indoor play area at Oakview Mall.

Kids Plays


Omaha Toddler Winter BucketList
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With this diverse range of activities, your Omaha winter bucket list is sure to be filled with unforgettable moments and endless fun for you and your toddler. Bundle up, venture out, and create cherished memories together in the heart of the city.


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