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Splash into Fun at Benson Park Splash Pad

Updated: May 28

Nestled in the heart of Omaha, Nebraska, at 7002 Military Ave., the Benson Park Splash Pad offers a refreshing retreat for families looking to beat the heat. Open daily from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, starting the first Saturday in May through the last Sunday in September (weather permitting), this vibrant splash pad is the perfect destination for summer fun.

Benson Park Splash Pad

A Vibrant Water Wonderland

Benson Park Splash Pad is a visual delight, adorned with captivating blue and green wave patterns and charming lily pads. Spanning over 3,200 square feet, this water play area features 29 unique spray elements, creating an enchanting environment for children of all ages. The rubber-padded ground ensures safety while children frolic among playful images of cattails, insects, and flowers. This thoughtfully designed splash pad promises hours of fun and excitement for everyone.

Benson Park Splashpad

Comfort and Convenience

Around the splash pad, you'll find a picnic table area equipped with a shade canopy, providing a comfortable spot for families to relax and enjoy a meal or snack while keeping an eye on the little ones. One downside to this splashpad is the lack of bathroom facilities. During our visit there were no bathrooms or port-a-potties available.

More Than Just a Splash Pad

Benson Park Splash Pad is part of the larger Benson Park, which offers an array of activities for the whole family. Next to the splash pad is a picturesque lagoon perfect for fishing enthusiasts and a scenic walking trail for those who enjoy a leisurely stroll in nature. For families with children of different ages, the nearby inclusive playground provides a fun and accessible play area for all. Plus, with plenty of parking available, visiting this fantastic park is hassle-free.

Benson Park Splashpad

Benson Park Splash Pad is more than just a place to cool off; it’s a community hub that brings families and friends together in a beautiful, fun-filled environment. Whether you’re splashing through the water features, picnicking under the shade, or exploring the surrounding park, Benson Park offers something for everyone. So, pack your sunscreen and towels, and head over to Benson Park Splash Pad for an unforgettable day of summer fun!

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