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Exploring Highland Park in Omaha, Nebraska

In South Omaha, Nebraska is Highland Park. Located at 2512 D. St., this park may be modest in size but is big on entertainment for children of all ages.

Features and Amenities:

Highland Park offers a range of amenities designed to cater to the needs of families. While street parking is available, visitors should note the absence of restroom facilities on-site. However, families can still enjoy the park's offerings, which include:

Highland Park Omaha Nebraska

1. Sand Area: Kids can let their imaginations run wild in the sandy play area, perfect for digging, building sandcastles, and engaging in creative play.

2. Swings: Swing sets, including toddler swings, provide endless enjoyment for children, allowing them to soar through the air with glee while parents watch nearby.

3. Bouncy Airplane: A unique feature of Highland Park is the bouncy airplane, a favorite among little ones who love imaginative play and pretend adventures in the sky.

4. Play Structure: The park features a play structure geared towards children aged 2 to 6 years old. While the structure may be a bit dated, it remains fully functional and offers plenty of opportunities for active play and exploration.

Highland Park Omaha Nebraska

Despite its slightly dated appearance, the play structure at Highland Park is still very usable and provides ample entertainment for young adventurers. From climbing and sliding to imaginative play, children will find plenty of ways to expend their energy and spark their creativity in this vibrant outdoor space.

With its range of amenities, including sand, swings, a bouncy airplane, and a play structure geared towards young children, the park provides endless opportunities for adventure and enjoyment. While the play structure may be a bit dated, its usability and charm make it a beloved spot for families seeking outdoor entertainment.

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