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Exploring Hastings Banner Playground & Splashpad in Omaha, Nebraska

Updated: 6 days ago

Located at 5005 Virginia Street in Omaha, Nebraska, Hastings Banner Playground & Splashpad is a delightful destination for families with young children. This charming spot, though smaller in scale, offers a perfect blend of fun and relaxation, making it an ideal choice for a leisurely day out with the little ones.

The Playground

The playground at Hastings Banner might be small, but it’s brimming with opportunities for kids to climb, slide, and play. The structure caters to younger adventurers, ensuring they have a blast while staying safe. There are swings too – two baby swings and two regular ones – although, a heads-up, one of the baby swings was out of commission during our visit. The ground is covered in wood chips, adding an extra layer of safety and cushioning for those inevitable tumbles.

Hastings Banner Playground

Relax and Unwind at the Pavilion

Conveniently located right next to the playground is a covered pavilion equipped with picnic tables. This spot is perfect for a family picnic, offering a shaded area where you can relax and keep an eye on the kids as they play. It’s a great spot to keep cool on those warm summer days.

Hastings Banner Playground

Splashing Good Times at the Splashpad

The splashpad at Hastings Banner is a small but fantastic feature, especially for toddlers who love to splash around without the overwhelming crowds found at larger splashpads. The cement flooring ensures a clean surface, and the nearby bathrooms are a much-appreciated convenience for parents.

Hastings Banner Splashpad

Plenty of Space to Play

One of the best aspects of Hastings Banner is the abundance of open green space. Whether you want to kick around a soccer ball, launch a stomp rocket, or simply enjoy some outdoor games, there’s plenty of room to spread out and have fun. The open space is perfect for encouraging active play and letting kids burn off some energy.

Hastings Banner Playground

Easy Accessibility and Parking

Parking at Hastings Banner is ample, although be prepared for a short walk to the playground and splashpad.

Perfect for Toddlers and Young Families

Hastings Banner Playground & Splashpad truly shines as a destination for families with toddlers. The facilities are tailored to younger children, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for them to explore. The splashpad, in particular, is a hit for those seeking a quieter, more intimate experience. During our visit with friends, we found the place pleasantly uncrowded, allowing the kids to play freely and the adults to relax and chat.

Fun Toys to Bring

Here are two fantastic toys that kept our son entertained for hours:

  1. Airplane Launcher Toy: These glider planes are not only lightweight and easy to assemble, but they also offer two flight modes, providing endless fun. Kids can experiment with different launch angles and techniques, promoting physical activity and coordination. The vibrant colors and durable foam construction make them perfect for outdoor play at the campsite.

  1. Stomp Rocket Ultra Rocket Launcher: This high-flying toy is a hit with kids of all ages. The adjustable launch stand allows for varied rocket trajectories, and the set comes with four rockets for multi-player fun. Watching the rockets soar high into the sky was a thrilling experience for our son and his new campground friends. It's a fantastic way to encourage outdoor play and scientific curiosity.

Stomp Rocket Launcher

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