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Experience the Urban Oasis at Gene Leahy Mall

Updated: May 26

Right in the heart of downtown Omaha, Gene Leahy Mall is a beloved spot that spans from 13th to 8th streets between Douglas and Farnam. This iconic park, originally known as Central Park Mall back in the 1970s, is rich with Omaha history. You'll find the Solo Building archway and the famous slides near 11th and Farnam streets. It got its current name in the 1990s to honor former Omaha Mayor Eugene A. Leahy.

Gene Leahy Mall

In 2019, Gene Leahy Mall got a major facelift, raising the park to street level and adding over 40,000 square feet of lush lawn space. The renovations also brought in cool new features like a performance pavilion for live music, a sculpture garden with unique art pieces, a top-notch playground, and a modern dog park.

Gene Leahy Mall

Perfectly situated between the historic Old Market and north downtown Omaha, The RiverFront is just a short walk from several hotels. It's also super accessible with the city’s mass transit system and ride-share drop-off spots. Plus, there are plenty of parking options nearby, even if you do have to pay.

Gene Leahy Mall has tons of features that make it a great spot for everyone. Parking is easy, though you’ll need to pay for it. You’ll often find food trucks around if you need a snack, making it convenient to grab a bite.

The park is great for a relaxing walk, with lots of green space and beautiful views of the city. Clean bathrooms are conveniently located next to the big slides, with family restrooms by the playground.

Gene Leahy Mall

For those who still love to play, the big slides and swings are perfect. The fenced-in playground is fantastic for kids and their caregivers, featuring a sand area, toddler swings, toddler slides, regular slides, and plenty of climbing spots. There’s also a fun water feature for splashing around, though be careful as it can get a bit slippery.

Gene Leahy Mall

Gene Leahy Mall is a vibrant and fun urban park with something for everyone. Whether you’re there for live music, checking out the cool sculptures, playing with your kids, or just enjoying a walk, you’re sure to have a great time. The mix of old and new makes it a unique spot in Omaha. Next time you’re in the area, be sure to swing by Gene Leahy Mall and see what makes it so special!

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