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Summer Fun Awaits at Westwood Heights Splashpad and Park

Updated: Jun 16

Looking for the perfect spot to cool off and have some summer fun with the family? Look no further than Westwood Heights Splashpad and Park, located at 12334 Seldin Dr Omaha, Nebraska. This place is a gem for kids and parents alike, offering a delightful mix of water features and a fantastic playground.

Westwood Heights Splashpad

Splashpad Highlights

The splashpad is where the magic happens! Here’s what your kids will love:

  • Rainbow: Imagine a colorful arch spraying water – it's like running through a magical tunnel!

  • Serpent: A winding water feature that twists and turns, adding a splash of excitement.

  • Ground Sprays: Jets that shoot up from the ground, perfect for a refreshing run.

  • Dumping Buckets: Buckets that randomly fill up and splash down – surprise and fun guaranteed.

  • Elephant and Sea Horse Spray Cannons: These cute animal-themed spray cannons are a hit with the kids.

  • Interactive Fun: Your kids can control the sprays by placing their hand on a blue post, making the water features turn on and off randomly – it’s all about interactive play!

Playground Fun

Right next to the splashpad is a super fun playground:

  • Boat-Themed Structure: Shaped like a boat, complete with a periscope and steering wheel – perfect for imaginative adventures on the high seas.

  • Swings: There are two toddler swings and two regular swings (though one was broken when we visited).

  • Sand and Diggers: Lots of sand to play in and digger toys to keep little ones busy.

  • Bouncy Seahorse and Dolphin: These bouncy animals fit right into the nautical theme and are great for younger kids.

  • Sandburs Warning: While the park is known for sandburs, we didn’t see any on our visit, and kids were running barefoot without a problem. Still, bringing shoes is a good idea just in case.

Westwood Heights Playground

Handy Amenities

Westwood Heights Splashpad and Park has everything you need for a comfortable day out:

  • Covered Picnic Area: Great for having lunch or just taking a break from the sun.

  • Parking: There’s a small lot with limited spaces, but plenty of street parking is available.

Westwood Heights  Park

Plan Your Visit

Westwood Heights Splashpad and Park is the ideal spot for a family day out. The interactive water features and creatively designed playground will keep the kids entertained for hours, while parents can relax in the shade. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, towels, and maybe some shoes for the grassy areas.

So, pack up your gear and head over to Westwood Heights Splashpad and Park for a fun-filled day of splashing, playing, and making great summer memories!

Fun Toys to Bring to the Playground

Here are two fantastic toys that kept our son entertained for hours:

  1. Airplane Launcher Toy: These glider planes are not only lightweight and easy to assemble, but they also offer two flight modes, providing endless fun. Kids can experiment with different launch angles and techniques, promoting physical activity and coordination. The vibrant colors and durable foam construction make them perfect for outdoor play at the campsite.

  1. Stomp Rocket Ultra Rocket Launcher: This high-flying toy is a hit with kids of all ages. The adjustable launch stand allows for varied rocket trajectories, and the set comes with four rockets for multi-player fun. Watching the rockets soar high into the sky was a thrilling experience for our son and his new campground friends. It's a fantastic way to encourage outdoor play and scientific curiosity.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my website!

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