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Discover the Refreshing Fun at Deer Ridge Pool in Omaha

If you're seeking a family-friendly and refreshing way to beat the heat in Omaha, Nebraska, Deer Ridge Pool is the place to be! Located at 585 S 126th St, Omaha, NE 68154, this delightful pool complex offers a variety of features and amenities that cater to all ages.

A Perfect Place for Young Children

Deer Ridge Pool boasts a zero-depth entry area, providing a safe and accessible space for toddlers and young children to enjoy the water. The zero-depth pool area gradually deepens to 3.5 feet, allowing children to wade in the shallow water and have a blast under the delightful mushroom-shaped water feature.

Deer Ridge Swimming Pool Omaha

Exciting Features for Older Kids and Adults

For those looking for more excitement, Deer Ridge Pool includes a larger pool that ranges from 5 to 9 feet deep. This area is perfect for swimming and features a thrilling water slide and a diving board, making it a favorite spot for older kids and adults.

Deer Ridge Swimming Pool Omaha

Relaxation and Convenience

Families can relax and unwind on the spacious deck areas, complete with shaded seating and ample room for sunbathing.

Affordable Fun for Everyone

Deer Ridge Pool offers affordable entry fees to ensure that everyone can enjoy a day of swimming and fun:

- 2 & Under: Free

- 3-17 years: $4

- 18-54 years: $5

- 55+ years: $4

Deer Ridge Swimming Pool Omaha

Operating Hours

The pool is open daily from 12pm to 6pm, providing plenty of time for families to enjoy all the features and amenities Deer Ridge Pool has to offer.

So, gather your swimsuits, sunscreen, and your sense of adventure, and head over to Deer Ridge Pool for a refreshing and fun-filled day in the sun. We can't wait to see you there!

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